After 40 years of independence, still we don’t have any statistics on how many people have become disabled during the liberation war of Bangladesh. Apart from this, though Over the years people are talking more about disability but there is no accurate data on the number of disability in Bangladesh. Different study suggests different numbers. It is estimated that about 15% of the total population (c.140m) of Bangladesh are disabled.Disability, on this scale represents not only a major social issue but also a prime cause of poverty and underdevelopment. It is generally recognized that the process of building a capable and competent state requires the participation of all the vital forces of a nation. But Policy and decision-makers in Bangladesh have not made a sustained effort to integrate disability issues into mainstream development or consolidate a plan for involving PwDs in development planning.

In the context of Bangladesh, where disability is a welfare issue and major practice is ‘rehabilitation’ or focused to ‘charity’; there SARPV’s main thrust is to consider it as an development issue, so that people with disabilities can turn in to human resource, become independent and lead their life with dignity.