Economic empowerment has a positive relationship with development. People will have significant change if he/she achieve economic solvency. Especially the rural people those who do not get available financial support for investment have the ability to uplift their socioeconomic condition after getting financial support. Contextualizing the scenario SARPV initiated their micro credit program at Coxes Bazar region officially in 2006, earlier this program was running as interest free revolving loan support. That time poor women and person with disability were prioritized for getting the loans that ultimately generated their employment. Since then this program is continuing as one of the major programs of SARPV that has opened a new window for these under privileged people to live a dignified life with availability of opportunities.

In 2012 SARPV inaugurated Interest free micro credit for PwD to enhance their capacity of money management and to promote entrepreneurship among them. Moreover this credit opportunity ensured the available money flow for their investment that uplifted the socioeconomic condition of PwDs

Goal of this program:

  • Elevate socioeconomic condition of vulnerable groups especially women and PwD
  • Develop entrepreneurship at community level.

Geographical Coverage

Types according to mode of operation

  1. Micro Finance
    • Rural Microcredit (RMC) ;
    • Small and medium entrepreneurship loan (SME);
  2. Micro Credit for PwDs (interest-free).

Compliance with SDG:

General Information (up to December 2015):
Micro Finance
Numbers of Branch# 7
Membership Status

Savings status for the financial year:

Loan status for the financial year:

Comparative status of Micro Finance program 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 FY:

Micro Credit for PwD (Interest Free)

To transform the PwD to a potential human resources of this society SARPV inaugurated an alternative micro credit approach in five different location. It is totally interest free and utilized for IGA to elevate the socioeconomic condition of PwDs. Conversely its revolving approach mobilize this fund among all PwD which is another significant operational feature of this type of credit. This credit support already has been praised by the PwD and the demand has been gradually increased.

Beneficiary Information

Story 5: Nargis Begum: A Role Model of Entrepreneurship

Nargis Begum a native of Vilijar Para of Boroitoli Union of Chakaria Upazila is a classic example of empowered woman of her locality. At the teen stage of her life she got married with Mr. Abdul Monaf. At the early stage of her conjugal life they were happy and able to fulfill all of their needs with the income of her husband, gradually their family member increased. At present she has two son and a daughter. After giving birth of first child they starts to face financial challenges to fulfill all their demands, Monaf’s income was not sufficient to bear al the expenses of their family. Nargis was striving for a way forward to overcome this challenge. Analyzing all the possible solution she decided to open a grocery shop at her locality.

2010, first time she got to know about SARPV’s micro finance program and she was also demonstrated on the benefits of economic empowerment by one of the field facilitator of this program. Initially she attended the courtyard meeting with others and started to realize how the money flow can improve her initiative and how she would be able to have savings for future. After attending several meetings she demanded to be a member for micro credit program and started to deposit money as savings.

On 28 October 2010 she collected her first loan of BDT 10,000 and invested that amount to purchase commodities for her shop. It was a benchmark for her business and the earned profit inspired her to