Education is one of the prime fundamental human rights. For mainstreaming people with disabilities ensure their education is one of the key components. But the scope of  education for children with disabilities in Bangladesh is still very limited. SARPV starts its education program from last 13 years and gradually expands the programs with different approaches:

Goal:  “To ensure at the basic level education for children with disabilities through the existing mainstreaming education system”


  • Ensure the enrollment of Children with disabilities in primary within existing scope and setup.
  • Mobilizing the community and the stakeholders like School Management Committees, Head Teachers and concerned officer/s of Upazila Education Office.
  • Providing technical, sponsorship, scholarship and direct assistance to children with disabilities and their parents to encourage enrollment in schools.
  • Develop early childhood development centers and informal education support centers to reduce the complexity in relation to ensuring education of children with disabilities

At a glance of SARPV’s Education Program

Sl No

Type of Education

Name of the School

Continuing From

No of School / Centres

No. of Students

No. Of SwD

Supported By








Formal Primary Education

Prodipaloy – A school of Inclusive Education











Pre primaryEducation

Early Childhood Development Centre-ELCD









UNICEF & Shishu Acadeny


Non Formal Primary Education











SwD: Student with disabilities, CwD: Children with disabilities

Prodipaloy- A School of Inclusive education:

Prodipaloy is the only one School in Chittagong division which is not only a traditional primary school but also a model of Inclusive school. Its journey has been prodipaloywith 12 children with Disabilities (CwDs) in 1999 with the support of AEM (Aims des Enfants du Monde. At present there are 211 students along with 20 SwDs. In 2006 another school was established in Moheshkhali Upazila which is also an inclusive educational institution. 290 students along with 18 SwD the school is running respectively.From 2013 SARPV is not providing the financial support to this school but performing the advocacy to make this school financially stable by itself.

Extra classes are also taken to support the students who need additional support and guidance. Besides regular classes Prodipaloy also hold different learning: neat & cleanness, sanitation, nutrition, health care etc.
The students of Prodipaloy also have access to get treatment regarding with disabilities at CDC (Chakaria Disability Center).
The school has arranged van for ensuring attendance for disabled students. Beside this SwDs receive free uniforms, materials for education and tuition waiver also.

Students took part in different events outside school such as: tree plantation, Meena Mela, and SARPV also encouraged to observes national and International days like International Mother Language Day, Independence day, Child rights day, International Disability Day, Victory Day, etc.
Teachers of Prodipaloy are also trained to handle with the special children. As a result they can realize the difference between need of children with disabilities and without disabilities. Getting need based service children with disabilities feel equal and did not found any difference.
Moreover teachers makes regular home visit to follow up the students.

ELCD- To makes children prepare to attend primary school.

To mainstreaming education for children with disabilities inclusiveness should be started at the early of childhood. So SARPV took an oppeduimg01ortunity Under SHOUHARDO program by establishing 24 Early Childhood Development Center (ELCD) in 24 villages under 6 union of Chakaria Upazila at Cox’s Bazar district. It is also a way to integrate the children with disabilities in mainstreaming education

The prime objective is to develop learning environment for children, especially children with disabilities and poor children in rural areas. As the center established under SHOUHARDO program, it was quite difficult to continue the centers after the end of the project phase in 2010. For local people’s demand SARPV running the centers with the support of organizational general fund and contributions of local peoples and organizations. As well as the initiative placed under its education program. In that time Bangladesh Shishu Academy come forward and provide their assistance. At present these 24 ELCD with 720 children’s is running by Bangladesh Shishu Academy where UNICEF provides the financial support.

Non Formal Primary School – An initiative to ensure education for all

dsc02724-50In rural area due to distance and lack of transportation children are often deprived from education. In this circumstance the Nonformal Education Project can assist the government of Bangladesh in achieving “Education for All” (EFA) by improving and expanding non-formal primary education (NPFE) to reach illiterate young adults, particularly females. Non-Formal Primary Education (NFPE) is a purposeful and systematically organized form of learning that generally occurs outside the formal educational institutions. This education is called Non-Formal because, (a) It is not compulsory (b) It does not lead to a formal certification, and (c) It may or may not be state-supported. It is well recognized that the NGOs are more capable than the public sector formal institutions in reaching the unreached children. SARPV is an implanting partner NFPE (Non formal primary education) program of Brac.