In Bangladesh health service is very essential for people. As Health is directly linked with Poverty and Poverty is linked with Development. So in the development of Bangladesh we do consider health and Nutrition must have to be taken in to proper care for the sustainable development of Bangladesh.

SARPV found that if nutritional condition of the poor people is not satisfactory to lead a healthy life. Simultaneously only the nutritional support can prevent disability if it is identified in childhood. These two reasons forced SARPV to consider health as a core program of it.

Goal of This Program

  • Substantially reduce the number of deaths and illnesses
  • Providing health care service to rural area
  • Preventing disability especially childhood disability
  • Improving health system

Geographical Coverage:

Cox's Bazar District: Chakaria, Pekua, Ukhiya, Cox's Bazar Sadar, Moheshkhali, Ramu Chittagong District: Lohagara

Prevention of Rickets in Cox’s Bazar:

Prevention of rickets in cox’s bazar is one of the major interventions that have been taken to reduce the disability and to mainstream this issue in Cox’s Bazar region. Since 2008 this project is providing the direct treatment service including the surgeries.

Prevent disability due to rickets especial consideration to childhood disability prevention.


  • Ensure early identification of Rickets and provide required service according to need.
  • Advise nutritional support.
  • Ensure surgery

Geographic Coverage:
Chakaria, Cox’s Bazar Sadar, Ramu, Ukhia, Pekua, Lohagara

Last year the services that has been stated below were provided direct to beneficiary

Identification of New Patients and Providing Treatment
Total 1760 new patients were identified last year among them 29% Rickets, 23% CP, 42% others (Burn, Flat Feet, etc.), 5% Club Foot and 1% Cleft Lip

After receiving treatment their condition gradually improved. Though it is long term process to get the final outcome from this service the impact of treatment could be measured after few years.
At the same time SARPV also continued to provide treatment to the follow up patients. Total 4933 patient availed treatment among them 34% Rickets Patients, 28% CP patients, 17% Club Foot Patients and rest 20% were miscellaneous such as flat feet, disabled due to burning.

Surgeries that accomplished in 2015

Last year 112 surgeries are successfully accomplished. All of them are almost recovered their physical condition. After the surgery they were followed up by the SARPV’s health personnel and still 28 patients are under supervision for their better recovery.

Community Based Initiatives for Promoting Disability Prevention

In 2015 SARPV has taken various initiatives for promoting disability prevention measures in community level as well. The following initiatives were accomplished successfully that enriched the knowledge of community people on disability prevention, personal hygiene.

Improving Maternal and Child Nutrition (IMCN)

The goal of the “Improving Maternal and Child Nutrition (IMCN)” project is to break the intergenerational cycle of malnutrition using a combination of preventive and curative approaches which include the detection and treatment of under nutrition of pregnant & lactating women and moderately malnourished children aged of 6-59 months of 09 Unions of Moheshkhali Upazila under Cox’s Bazar district.

The main components of the project are: i) community-based management of acute malnutrition –namely, Supplementary Feeding Programme (SFP) to provide nutritional support to moderately undernourished children and pregnant and lactating women ii) IYCF education/counseling at the community level, and iii) development of coordination mechanisms and strengthening the capacity of the existing government and other structures.

Geographic coverage:
9 unions of Moheshkhali upazila

Services under the project will be given to 1820 moderately acute malnourished children aged 6-59 months and 735 acutely malnourished pregnant and lactating women.

Accomplished Tasks in 2015

Prosthetic Centre to Support PwD

The prosthetic centre has been continuing since 2008 to provide appropriate required assistive devices for person with disability. This year total 458 person got device assistance from this centre.