Human Resources

To continue the services, SARPV gradually developed some trained and skilled personnel in the following areas:

• Master Trainer on Rickets Identification and Prevention
SARPV gradually developed some Master trainers at the organizational level. Besides this to develop a group of advocate on rickets prevention and promote the training in next level also provide the same training to the officials of Health and Family Planning department and CSO’s representative.

• Physiotherapist, Prosthetic, Orthotic
SARPV works in close collaboration with Aide Médicale et Développement (AMD), and KDM from since 2001.
In this long journey SARPV, has developed a group of professional workers- physiotherapists and prosthesis in Cox’s Bazar district with the support of AMD and KDM


Physical Resources

A. Disability Information & Service Center ( DISC)
dicsDisability is a common phenomenon in our society. SARPV believes that disability means different ability. But due to lack of information people cannot identify the causes of different types of disability and find out the ways to overcome the same. Moreover general people and also the service providers and caregivers of disabled persons do not know about the existing facilities available for the persons with disabilities. As a result they have minimal access to the primary health care, education and such other general human rights. In this regard, SARPV established Disability Information Service center in ( DISC) 1996 (which year is correct?) to reduce the gap regarding disability issue.

The key objectives of DISC are:
i) To develop a library especially on disability issue;
ii) To collect, preserve and disseminate information on disability
iii) To develop regional network among local, national and international information centers.
iv) To organize workshops, seminar, training, knowledge sharing session on disability issue,
v) To produce TV and radio programs and video documents on disability issue.

At Present we do not have enough resources to run this DISC as per our objective. Main draw- back is the financial shortage and we do believe that in the disability field there should be a Disability Resource Center. From where a person will get the primary idea of the disability and will get the referral Service. But now this is not been able to work as per our guide line.

B. SARPV- Chakaria Disability Center ( SARPV-CDC):

dics2The SARPV- Chakaria Disability Center (SARPV-CDC) is the center of our work on prevention of disabilities. The center is situated in Chakaria Upazila under Cox’s Bazar district. The center was established in 2003 and day by day adopts different initiatives to providing services for PwDs.

The following services have been providing from this Center:

i) Assistive Device division: Here we manufacture Wheel Chair, CP- chair, Brace, Crutch, artificial leg and other Assistive devices for the PwDs.
ii) Psychotherapy division: The division has running with some staff with the assistance of expatriate psychotherapist from AMD- France.
iii) X-ray division: For examine the ricketic children, an x-ray division also set up in this center. It is also notable that recently SARPV adopted the Ponseti method for club foot patients with the assistance of ADM- France . Ponseti method is manipulative technique that corrects without congenital clubfoot without invasive surgery.

C. Training Center:
dics3The organization has two training Center located in Gazipur and Chakaria district. These canters are also part of income generating activities of SARPV

i) Chakaria training center:
It is a residential training centre established in 2008 with modern training equipments as multimedia projector, LCD screen, generator etc. It is situated in Chakaria disability Center of SARPV at Chakaria upazila under Cox’s bazaar district.

ii) Disability Training and resource Canter at Kapasia:
capasia_training_centerThe Center is also residential situated in Kapasia under Gazipur district. PwDs are getting training on income generation from this Center. PwDs will also receive medical support from here in near future