We visited to see the situation of the work of SARPV with Rohingya Refugee Camp at Ukhiya and Teknaf. It was neither possible to say anything that is being right or wrong as it is Such a worst human disaster never we faced and think it is totally special in the world in such a small place to accommodate this large number of Rohingya Refugee and to manage this in a short period.

Initial threats were the health hazards and thanks to the health Professional of Cox Bazaar, Civil surgeon, Health officer and health service provider both govt and non-govt organization for their quick steps.

Now to ensure the long-term health system need to well plan on water supply and sanitation so that often does not require any repairment.

Children in Emergencies
This issue has been undertaken by the social welfare department, Plan international and SARPV in implementation. Hope this will give a light for their protection and lively hood. Now Identification of the orphan child is going on and hopes here children with disabilities also will be included.
After identification so far I learned from deputy director waliullah of Social Welfare department that orphan children those who are with their family that family will be responsible for them. Only if there is an orphan child found without any career only then for them may shelter home need.

We had met with Plan international at Zaman Hotel, where they set their office with Kamruzzaman, Abdur Rahman Shah, Muhit and Nehal were with us. There we meet with Shahi Bhai, Debashis da, and Ms. Nova. The main topic was regarding Partnership with SARPV and Plan International collaboration with Social welfare department of Govt.

Plan International Office, Hotel Zaman at Cox

Plan International Office, Hotel Zaman at Cox

Ministry of Social Development Services is taking care of the vulnerable children of the Rohingya Refugee in this issue Social Welfare department and Plan Internationaional and SARPV are working together.Mr. Waliullah Deput Director informed us by these time already 16500 orphan child has been identified. I want to know the information regarding disability then he gave me a survey form where it is already included. It was nice to see this.

He also informed us the plan takes care of the orphan child those who are living with their relatives, mother or villagers they will be taken care keeping them in their own existence not isolating them from there own place.

Also, we discussed in training toinclude disability issue how to identify to the volunteer so that they can easily identify them with short time.

Ukhiya Upazila Office 

Distribution Center of Kutup Palog camp

From This place, we went to Banlukhali camp -1, Where SARPV is constructingBlanket supplementary feeding Program. This till did not in operation this will be in operation from 1stNovember.

After this, we went to UKHIYA Upazila Health and Family Planning Officer Dr. Misbah Ahmed. As health complex was not accessible he came down and on standing we had a beautiful discussion. He informed that within two weeks they ensured 6,40,000 cholera vaccination and 2,30,000 has been for rubella vaccination and beside of this a large number of wounded people and severely sick people of Rohingya has been treated by the medical team of the govt and NGOs.

Ukhiya Upazila Health Complex

Balukhali Camp -2

Also the same day we meet with the Surgeon of Cox Bazaar at 8 pm Till he was in the office and learned every day he starts work at 7 a.m and that finish by 10-12 pm since Rohingya Influx has been started. Kazi Maksudul Alam Muhit and Nazmul Haque Nehal were with me during the meeting with Civil Surgeon.

Civil Surgeon Office at Cox Bazaar.

To minimise the fuelwoodIDCOL has distributed smoke-free 1000 Improve stove to the Rohingya Refugee Campa. They handed over this 1000 Improve Cook Stove (ICS) to the army control room in Ukhiya.

IDCOL  Representative  Mr. Maftun Ahmed and Mr. Nazmul Haque Faisal and SARPV Representative at  Army control Center in Ukhiya for Improve Stove delivery to the Rohingya Refugee.
Julian and the team visited the camp to see the situation of the Rohingya people how they are living there. Also to see how it is working what he donated some money from British women association and Berger club for installation tubewell for the safe drinking water.

Balukhali Camp-1

Balukhali Camp

Balukhali Camp

Balukhali Camp

Balukhali Camp

Balukhali Camp

Challenges in Rohingya Refugee Management

What I felt this human displacement disaster is totally new to us. We are aware to manage any natural disaster but it is a totally new dimension. How to maintain the discipline in the camp. In my observation is till there is a gap but utmost trying is there to keep cum and quite. Thanks to the army, govt department,local people, and volunteers. Till what I think challenges is there :

Health has been well managed. Lively hood need to take care more effectively

1. In a small place to accommodate this huge number of Rohingya refugee.
2. Foreign Volunteer in the camp those who do not know language and culture
3. In the Camp Religious value is noticeable what should not be at all.
4. The cash distribution is there but did not find any govt department is there.
5. Counselling to the host community and also to the local community is badly needs.
6. Open movement is there might need some sort of restriction
7. Till Rohingya People are coming
8. Fuelwood is big challenge
9. No dialogue is being with thelocal community and local govt.
10. What to do and what not to do with the refugee people is absent.
11. The mobile hospital where thePregnantwomen’s birth center will be is absent.

Finally, Effective Coordination is the only answer to face this influx in an effective way to resolve this struggle and to ensure the service properly to the right target.

Shahidul Haque
Chief Executive