Chief Executive

86/1, Jamirun Nessa Palace,
North Adabor, Flat-C-1, D-1. Adabor,
Dhaka-1207, BANGLADESH

Tel: +88-02-9129605,+88-02-9129838,+88-02-9129698


Md. Shahidul Haque, Chief Executive of SARPV, is a physically challenged person was born 3rd November 1956. He is the founder of SARPV-Bangladesh. From his child hood he has suffered with a disability caused by polio. He passed his M.S.S in Public Administration in 1981. After finishing his studies he worked as a banker for ten years and from 1990 he has been working on disability issues, to establish the “Right to say” about the problems of disability.

By this time he has written two books on disability named “CBR: A Case Study Approach in Bangladesh”, and “Feeling”, regarding the situation and attitude of the people toward disability. He has also written more than 30 articles on this issue, and has conducted research on Disability and Disaster. His on-going research is to find out the cause of the Rickets in Bangladesh with the Cornell University of USA and Dhaka University. He is also an initiator to ensure that people affected by disaster in Bangladesh are looked after, with the help of UNICEF.