Abdur Rashid is a physically challenged person. He has a lovely family.His wife name is Rozina Akter, One son and one daughter is in his family. He is from Burir Chikon ghona, ward no-4 of Lama Upazila of Bander Ban District.

Now Abdur Rashid is a self dependent person. It was very unfortunate when he had an accident he lost his both legs. Before he was a mashon of Decorating House one day while he was working for decorating standing on a triple during the drizzling as it was raining and triple was wet  nearby there was electricle ware where 33000 volt electricty was passing through that contact the wait triple and that thrown him far  and finally he had to amputed his both leg.

After his amputation long time he has to spent under medication by this time he has to sale of his wealth including the last pice of assets that is his house. Litterally he was on street with his family came.

He came to SARPV and we provided him a wheel chair so that he can move here and there. But he needs to earn to survive than SARPV suggested him to start a small tea stall so that he can get back his mental strength that he can earn. Initially taka 5000 thousand was given him to start. After he has got taka 20000 thousand. He is doing his business daily sale is around taka 2 to 3 thousand taka. Somehow he is is surviving. What surprising thing he never delay to repay his instalment. He is dreaming one day have a big shop and then again he will get back all of his wealth. Now Abdur Rashid and his wife jointly running this small shop what is the supplier of their bread and butter of every day life.

Challenges: He need grant to build his house in his own place. Earlier what he sold for his treatment.

Learning Every one wants to suvive with dignity only need surrounding supports